• 50,000 vehicles in Dallas are damaged by Hail Storm

    Dallas – 50,000 vehicles are damaged by hail storm in Collin, Denton and also in Dallas counties. On Wednesday night, hail storm damage too many vehicles and this will keep the technicians busy for a long time.

    The hails of hail storm broke the windshield of thousands of vehicles and also make dents on the body of vehicles and trucks in Lewisville and Plano. Storm also broke the windows and roofs of several homes. The police is investigating the number of vehicles for damage but it is not confirmed how many vehicles got damaged till Thursday afternoon until.

    The storm enters into the Lewisville in the night of Wednesday and after that head to Plano. The news is announced about the fall of hails and the size of hails in Plano is very big and in other areas the size is also very big. Reports said that the hails affect many areas and high winds also damaged several homes and thousands of vehicles. Because of high winds the debris enters into the vehicles and homes.

    Many vehicles are damaged at dealership. Approximately 5000 vehicles are damaged at dealers and few of them are totally damaged. Windshields are broken and bodies of vehicles are dented. The biggest dealers of Plano are also got damage on vehicles very badly. Many dents of vehicles can repair by paintless dent repair.

    Vehicles damaged very badly and lots of people are also injured by them. Homes of people are damaged by the high winds and hails. Insurance companies are taking estimate of these hazard damaged vehicles and also estimating the number of vehicles. All of this happens because the drivers don’t know about how to drive car in Hail Storm. If they know about it they will surely make their vehicles safe from these hails.

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  • Two Killed in Car Collisions from Distracted Driving in Washington

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    Two people killed in Car Collisions in Tacoma, Washington. The crash occurred on Steele Street on Sunday night. The eye witness said that a 37 year old man Robert was driving his car and hit four cars in a row. Two people killed and four are injured in it. Police investigation is continuous seems alcohol in the case.

    The car crash caused by Robert Delacruz who was driving car and hit other cars. He is charged with fine three times in the past for driving with suspended license and driving wrong. Reports said that Delacruz was in Military and suffering from PTSD from the time when he was in Iraq. He had problems with alcohol.

    Police is waiting for the medical reports to confirm that at the time of crash he was drunk or not. His bracelet is also checked by medical team for alcohol. Police said that he takes a wrong turn while driving and hits a car from front, after that he hits other cars. Second one is a pickup truck and he hits third car at that time but declared dead at the scene. He also hits the fourth car which carries a 6 years old baby. The passengers of fourth car are referred to hospital for life threatening injuries.

    The passengers of fourth car, all are injured seriously and total four people injured in it. Two people were killed in it. One of the four cars catches fire at the place of collision. The road remains closed for some time. The crash happens because he was driving distract which causes by alcohol and don’t know how to avoid distracted driving. If he knows about it then he will surely avoid it.

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